"Ostani kraj mene" - Alma & Dejan

"Stay with me, you are all my hope, you are all my strength, all my happiness so stay, my love"

The Bosnian Final was held at the Bosnian TV Studios in Sarajevo on February 26th, hosted by Ismeta Krvavac, who was the lead singer of the group Ambasadori that represented Yugoslavia in 1976.  Alma & Dejan recorded videoclips of all 8 songs, but only about 1 minute of each song was shown. An "expert" jury chose the winner, and only the name of the winning song was announced.

1 Probaj Try
2 Hajde, pjesmo Come along, song
3 Ljubavna The love song
4 Ostani kraj mene Stay with me
5 Volim te I love you
6 Poljubi me Kiss me
7 Pjevam za druge I sing for others
8 Nije to kraj, moj andjele This isn't the end, my angel

At the Eurovision, Alma & Dejan came 15th. Alma previously came 10th in the 1992 Yugoslav Final and took part in the 1993 Bosnian Final.