"Halley" - Klips ve Onlar

"Hello Halley, give love here, hello Halley, give respect here, fairy come and touch us with your magic wand"

The Turkish Final was held at the Ari TV studios in Ankara on March 15th, hosted by Erkan Yolac. The winner was chosen by an "expert" jury of 16 people. Because there was a tie between 'Klips ve Onlar' and Seyyal Taner the jury counted the head of the jury's vote as two votes so 'Klips ve Onlar' won.

1 Halley Halley Klips ve Onlar 8 1st=
2 Dünya The world Seyyal Taner 8 1st=
3 Yasa yasa Live live Nil Burak & Ibo 0 3rd=
4 Bu film bitmeli This film must end Nilüfer 0 3rd=

Seyyal Taner Nilüfer

In the Turkish Final the 2 female members of 'Klips ve Onlar' were Sevingül Bahadir and Seden Kutlubay. However, Seden Kutlubay refused to go to the ESC (rumours suggest that it was due to her having important architecture exams during the week of the ESC and also that her boyfriend did not want her to go). Seden was therefore replaced at the ESC by Candan Erçetin. Nilüfer represented Turkey in ESC 1978 with the group Nazar.