"Je suis l'enfant soleil" - Anne Marie David

"Hey, come back, I'm the sun-child"

The French Final was due to be held on March 4th at the TF1 TV Studios in Paris. Before the final 2 semi-finals were recorded, hosted by Marc Menant. Three songs in each semi-final were due to qualify for the final (chosen by televoting). Due to a strike at French TV, the final was never recorded nor broadcast and the French entry was chosen by an "expert" jury.

Semi-Final 1

1 Juste une mélodie Just a melody Renaud Siry
2 Arlequin Harlequin Darras & Désumeur
3 L'hiver est le plus chaud Winter is the hottest Christy Caro
4 Cette nuit-là This night Elsa Litton
5 Je vole sur la musique I fly on music Chorus
6 Je suis l'enfant soleil I'm the sun child Anne Marie David
7 Prends la vie comme elle vient Take life as it comes Michel Démétriadès

Semi-Final 2

1 Enfants de la musique Children of music Judith Lay
2 Un vent de folie A wind of madness Richard Lory
3 Danse, allez danse Dance, come on, dance Francine Aliona
4 Retour aux années folles Back to the roaring twenties Paul & Julie B.
5 Bravo, tant pis Well done, too bad Patrick Loubié
6 On est tous pareils We are all the same Jean-Noël Dupré
7 Un jour, tu trouveras One day, you will find Nadine Douteau

Anne Marie David previously won ESC 1973 for Luxembourg. At the ESC she came 3rd.