"En gång i Stockholm" - Monica Zetterlund

The Swedish Final was held on February 16th in Stockholm, hosted by Sven Lindahl. Each of the songs was performed twice (firstly with a big orchestra, then with a small orchestra). The winner was chosen by an "expert" jury with only the top 3 being announced.

1 Vårens flickparad Spring's girl parade Lars Lönndahl Gunnar Wiklund


2 Hong-Kong-sång Hong-Kong-song Charlie Norman, Roffe Berg & Hasse Burman Gerd Söderberg


3 Säg varför Tell me why Anna-Lena Löfgren Ann-Louise Hanson


4 Storstadsmelodi The melody of the big city Gerd Söderberg Charlie Norman, Roffe Berg & Hasse Burman


5 Rosen och vinden Roses and the wind Per & Ulf Lindqvist Lily Berglund


6 En gång i Stockholm Once in Stockholm Monica Zetterlund Carli Tornehave


7 Se'n igår är vi kära Since yesterday we're in love Lily Berglund Mona Grain


8 Fröken Eko Miss Echo Tommy Jacobsson Bertil Englund


9 Scheherazade Scheherazade Gunnar Wiklund Tommy Jacobsson


10 Jag är så trött på allt det här I'm so tired of all this Mona Grain Ann-Cathrine Widlund


11 Zum zum zum lilla sommarbi Zum zum zum little summer bee Ann-Louise Hanson Per & Ulf Lindqvist


12 Twist till menuett Twist to minuette Carli Tornehave Lars Lönndahl


Monica Zetterlund previously came 2nd in the 1962 Swedish Final. At the ESC she was equal 13th.