"Waarom" - Jacques Raymond

"Why can we be so nostalgic, why do our hearts sometimes feel joy and pain"

The Belgian Final was held on February 16th. The winning song was chosen by a combination of an "expert" jury & a public jury. Before the final there were 9 semi-finals with 12 singers participating, and in each semi-final the three top placed songs went forward to the next semi-final. To qualify for the final you had to "survive" 3 semi-finals. Bob Benny qualified for the final with 2 songs - "Mijn kleine blauwe zwaluw" ("My little blue swallow") & "Boerenwals ("Peasant waltz") - the first of these was disqualified as he released the lyrics of the song one day before the official deadline. In protest he performed "Boerenwals" with the lyrics of "Mijn kleine blauwe zwaluw" and consequently got disqualified with that song as well. The singers that did not qualify for the final were Enny Denita, Chris Ellis, Will Ferdy, Freddy Sunder, Jean Walters & Staf Wesenbeek - if you have details of the semi-finals then please mail me:

1 Saksisch porselein Porcelain from Saxen Lize Marke 247


2 Er speelt een orgel An organ is playing Rina Pia 274


3 Zo mooi So beautiful Jo Leemans 241


4 Con amore With love Lieve Olga 186


5 Waarom Why Jacques Raymond 292


6 Luister naar de wind Listen to the wind Lize Marke 289


Jacques Raymond previously came 2nd in the 1961 Belgian Final. At the ESC he was 10th.