The Swedish Final will be held in Stockholm on March 11th, hosted by Jesper Rönndahl & Farah Abadi. Before the final there will be 5 semi-finals. If you can provide the missing translations then please mail me: national_finals@hotmail.com

Semi-Final 1 - February 4th, Scandinavium, Gothenburg

1 Diamonds Diamonds Victor Crone
2 Haunted Haunted Rejhan
3 Inga sorger No sorrows Loulou LaMotte
4 Länge leve livet Long live life Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos
5 Raggen går


Elov & Beny
6 Rhythm of my show Rhythm of my show Tone Sekelius
7 Where you are (Sávežan) Where you are (little Sáve) Jon Henrik Fjällgren & Arc North feat. Adam Woods

Semi-Final 2 - February 11th, Saab Arena, Linköping

1 All my life (where have you been) All my life (where have you been) Wiktoria
2 Comfortable Comfortable Eden
3 Grytan


Uje Brandelius
4 Mer av dig More of you Theoz
5 Never give up Never give up Maria Sur
6 Now I know Now I know Tennessee Tears
7 On my way On my way Panetoz

Semi-Final 3 - February 18th, Sparbanken, Lidköping

1 Air Air Marcus & Martinus
2 For the show For the show Melanie Wehbe
3 Låt hela stan se på Let the whole town watch Ida-Lova
4 Royals Royals Paul Rey
5 Släpp alla sorger Let go of all sorrows Nordman
6 Sober Sober Laurell
7 Så kommer känslorna tillbaka The feelings come back Casanovas

Semi-Final 4 - February 25th, Malmö Arena, Malmö

1 Edelweiss Edelweiss Signe & Hjördis
2 Gorgeous Gorgeous Axel Schylström
3 Mera mera mera More more more Emil Henrohn
4 One day One day Mariette
5 Six feet under Six feet under Smash Into Pieces
6 Tattoo Tattoo Loreen
7 Where did you go Where did you go Kiana

Semi-Final 5 - March 4th, Hägglunds Arena, Örnsköldsvik

Victor Crone represented Estonia at ESC 2019. Loulou LaMotte was a backing singer for Sweden at ESC 2019. Loreen won ESC 2012 for Sweden.