The Spanish Final will be held on February 4th in Benidorm, hosted by Mónica Naranjo & Inés Hernand. Before the final there will be two semi-finals on January 31st & February 2nd, each with 9 songs. The winner will be chosen by an "expert" jury (50%), televoting (25%) & a demoscopic jury (25%).

1 Quiero arder I want to burn Agoney
2 Desde que tú estás Since you're here Alfred Garcia
3 Yo quisiera I would like to Alice Wonder
4 Flamenco Flamenco Aritz Arén
5 Ea, ea Hey, hey Blanca Paloma
6 Uf Phew E’Femme
7 La Lola Lola Famous
8 Mi familia My family Fusa Nocta
9 Inviernos en Marte Winters on Mars José Otero
10 Quiero y duelo I want and I hurt Karmento
11 Arcadia Arcadia Megara
12 No nos moverán They won’t move us Meler
13 Tracción Traction Rakky Ripper
14 Aire Air Sharonne
15 Que esclati tot Let it all explode Siderland
16 Tuki Tuki Sofía Martín
17 Sayonara Goodbye Twin Melody
18 Nochentera The whole night Viccó

Alfred Garcia represented Spain at ESC 2018.