The Slovene Final will be held on February 22nd at the RTVSLO TV Studios in Ljubljana. Before the final there was a semi-final - click here for details: SLOVENE SEMI-FINAL 2020 The winner will be chosen in two rounds of voting - in the first round an "expert" jury will select the top 2 songs and in the second round the winner will be chosen by televoting.

1 Voda Water Ana Soklic
2 Maybe someday Maybe someday Božidar Wolfand - Wolf
3 Verjamem vase I believe in myself Gaja Prestor
4 Femme fatale Femme fatale Imset
5 The salt The salt Inmate
6 Stop the world Stop the world Klara Jazbec
7 Man like u Man like u Lina Kuduzovic
8 Vecnost Eternity Manca Berlec
9 Nisi sam You're not alone Simon Vadnjal
10 Forever Forever Tinkara Kovac
11 Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh I'm still chasing your smile Saška
12 Cupid Cupid Parvani Violet

Božidar Wolfand - Wolf was a backing singer for Yugoslavia in ESC 1984. Tinkara Kovac represented Slovenia in ESC 2014.