"Eloise" - Arvingarna

"Eloise, are we more than just friends, if so, show what you feel and later on our emotions can rule"

The Swedish Final was held on March 5th at the Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg, hosted by Triple & Touch who participated in the 1988 Swedish final. The 10 songs were reduced to 5 finalists by 11 regional juries, before the winner was chosen by regional televoting.  

1 Högt i det blå High up in the sky N.E.O. - -
2 Vågornas sång Song of the waves Monica Silverstrand 8 5th
3 Sjunde himlen Seventh heaven Lena Pålsson 13 4th
4 På vingar av kärlek On the wings of love Patrick Swahn - -
5 We are all the winners We are all the winners Nick Borgen 42 2nd
6 Välkommen till livet Welcome to life Christer Björkman - -
7 I dina ögon In your eyes Pernilla Emme 28 3rd
8 Ge mig din hand Give me your hand Richard Carlsohn - -
9 Närmare dej Closer to you Tina Leijonberg - -
10 Eloise Eloise Arvingarna 56 1st

Christer Björkman Pernilla Emme

At the ESC, Arvingarna came 7th. Christer Björkman represented Sweden in 1992, while Pernille Emme was a backing singer for Norway in the 1990 ESC.