"We don't wanna put in" - Stefane & 3G

The Georgian Final was held on February 18th at the 1TV Studios in Tbilisi. The winner was chosen by an "expert" jury (70%) & SMS voting (30%) and only the top 3 were announced. If you know the name of the male host of the Georgian Final then please mail me:

1 Khvalindeli dghe Tomorrow Bachi Kitiashvili & Bermukha


2 Over Over November


3 Peace in the world Peace in the world Giorgi Maisuradze


4 Miracle Miracle Tika Patsatsia


5 Hear my plea Hear my plea Tony O'Malley


6 No sun when you are near No sun when you are near Nodiko Tatishvili


7 Dagviparavs ghmerti God save us Boris Bedia


8 We don't wanna put in We don't wanna put in Stefane & 3G


9 I I Anri Jokhadze


10 Hang out Hang out Keti Orjonikidze


Anri Jokhadze

Due to controversy over the title of the song, Georgia withdrew from ESC 2009. 3G previously came 4th in the 2008 Georgian Final. One of the members of the group is Tako Gachechiladze who also came 10th in the 2008 Georgian Final. Anri Jokhadze was a backing singer for Georgia in ESC 2008.