"Under stjernerne på himlen" - Seebach Band

"Under the stars in the sky you sail away with me, close your eyes now silently and we'll be on our way"

The Danish Final was held on April 3rd in Odense, hosted by Keld Heick & Kirsten Siggaard. The winner was chosen in two rounds of voting - in the 1st round the top 5 were chosen by an "expert" jury. In the 2nd round the winner was chosen by televoting.

1 Går det ikk' - går det nok If it doesn't work out - it'll be ok Teddy Edelmann - -
2 Født til kærlighed Born to love Vivi Jacobsen 2281 5th
3 Godmorgen dag Good morning day The Hooklines - -
4 Elsker kun dig Only loving you Anders Nyborg - -
5 Første forårsdag The first day of Spring Ditte Højgaard Andersen 4419 4th
6 Der er mer' imellem dig og mig There's more between you and me Six-Pack 13715 2nd
7 Hvor er din drøm Where is your dream Anne Karin Broberg 6066 3rd
8 Under stjernerne på himlen Under the stars in the sky Seebach Band 16463 1st
9 Bohemian Bohemian Birgitte Gade - -
10 Uno mundo A world Gaia - -

(Tommy) Seebach previously represented Denmark in ESC 1979 & 1981 (with Debbie Cameron). He also participated in the Danish Finals of 1982 (2nd), 1984 (4th), 1985 (2nd) & 1987 (4th). At the ESC, he was equal 22nd.