"Dvadeset i prvi vijek" - Davor Popovic

"The 21st century is coming my dear, and you're nowhere to be found"

The Bosnian Final was held on March 4th at the Bosnian TV Studios in Sarajevo, hosted by Ismeta Krvavac. Davor Popovic sang all the songs and the winner was chosen by an "expert" jury - initially there was a tie between 'Dvadeset i prvi vijek' & 'Bez tebe' so the "expert" jury had to vote again between these two songs.

1 Cuvaj se Take care


2 Dvadeset i prvi vijek The 21st century


3 Raduj se Be happy


4 Ti si osmo svjetsko cudo You're the 8th wonder of the world


5 Opila me jedna jesen Stunned by autumn


6 Bez tebe Without you


7 Jos samo ovaj put Just one more time


8 Ti si ruza You're a rose


Davor Popovic previously took part in the 1967 Yugoslav Final, came 5th in 1969, took part in the 1973 & 1974 semi-finals, came 3rd in 1975, 9th in 1982, 5th in 1983 & 8th in 1987 (in the group Indexi). He was also part of 3 songs in the 1993 Bosnian Final ('Srce Evrope', 'Raspored zvijezda' & 'Bosna ce još pjevati'). At the ESC, he came 19th.