"La mirada interior" - Marian van de Wal

"Go and search for it inside your heart, through the inner glance"

The Andorran Final was held on January 22nd at the Centre Cultural i de Congressos Lauredià in St Julià de Loria, hosted by Meri Picart & Josep Lluís Trabal. Marian van de Wal performed all the songs and the winner was chosen by a mixture of SMS voting (2/9) and an "expert" jury (7/9).

1 No demanis Don't ask 0 3rd
2 Dona'm la pau Give me peace 2 2nd
3 La mirada interior The inner glance 7 1st

Before the final, 36 singers were selected via auditions from which Marian van de Wal was chosen as the winner, ahead of Mar Capdevila & Isthar Ruiz who both took part in the 2004 Andorran Final as the duo 'Bis a Bis'. At the ESC Semi-Final, Marian van de Wal came 23rd where one of her backing singers was Anabel Conde who represented Spain in ESC 1995.