"Dan ljubezni" - Pepel In Kri

The Yugoslav Final was held on February 15th at the Hotel Kvarner in Opatija, hosted by Oliver Mlakar. Before the final there were 2 semi-finals - for details click here: YUGOSLAV SEMI-FINALS 1975 An "expert" jury chose the song that would represent Yugoslavia at the ESC (and could choose amongst all 33 of the participating songs in the semi-finals).  It is rumoured that Neda Ukraden came 2nd after a tie between herself & Pepel in Kri.

1 Danes Today Marjetka Falk
2 Ti si mi bila naj naj You have been my most most Indeksi
3 Prijatelj vstopi Friend come in Sonja Gabrscek & Braco Koren
4 Syri yt ai quiell ne shi Your eye is like the raining sky Besnik Krajku
5 Perpetuum mobile Perpetual motion 4M
6 Ti si covek moj You are my man Bisera Veletanlic
7 Cesta sunca Road of sun Oliver Dragojevic
8 Nikad vise Never more Ksenija Erker
9 Rijec po rijec Word by word Elda Viler
10 Ovo vrijeme This time More
11 Ostani jos jednu noc Stay another night Radojka Sverko
12 Sta sanjas What are you dreaming about Dani Marsan
13 Dan ljubezni A day of love Pepel In Kri
14 Srce u srcu Heart in heart Neka Ukraden

Pepel In Kri came equal 13th at the ESC. The lead singer of the group was Ditka Haberl who previously took part in the 1970 Yugoslav Final (in the group 'Bele Vrane'), was 9th in the 1971 Yugoslav Final and took part in the 1973 & 1974 Yugoslav Semi-Finals. Another group member - Oto Pestner - took part in the 1973 & 1974 Yugoslav Semi-Finals. 4M represented Yugoslavia at ESC 1969 (performing under the name 'Ivan & 3M').