"Swiss Lady" - Pepe Lienhard Band

The Swiss Final was held on January 19th at the DRS TV Studios in Zürich.  The winning song was chosen by the votes of 3 regional juries, a press jury and a jury of "experts".  

1 Viens avec nous Come with us Sweet People 34 3rd
2 Heyho Heyho Véronique Müller 18 6th
3 Aldo Rinaldo Aldo Rinaldo Piera Martell 26 4th=
4 Passo...vedo Step...I see Leonia 17 7th
5 Swiss Lady Swiss Lady Pepe Lienhard Band 45 1st
6 Dites-moi ce qu'est l'amour Tell me what love is Carole Vinci 26 4th=
7 Le coeur dans les nuages The heart in the clouds Gérald Matthey 15 8th
8 Faites la vie Live life Frédérique Sand 7 9th
9 Le livre blanc The white book Paola 40 2nd

The Pepe Lienhard Band came 6th at the Eurovision. Véronique Müller represented Switzerland in 1972, Piera Martell did the same in 1974, and Paolo represented Switzerland in 1969.