"Djambo Djambo" - Peter, Sue & Marc

The Swiss Final was held on January 14th in Lugano.  The winning song was chosen by the votes of 3 regional juries, a press jury and a jury of "experts".  There were meant to be 10 songs in the contest, but "Sing mit mir" sung by Any Spirig was disqualified.

1 Oui, c'est bien fait pour moi Yes, I'm doing fine Georgia Gibson 26 6th
2 Polo Polo Groupe Osmose 13 8th
3 Musique dans les cours Music in the courtyards Michel Guex 31 3rd
4 Arrivederci Goodbye Anita Traversi 7 9th
5 C'est pour la vie It's for life Henri Dès 28 4th=
6 Djambo Djambo Djambo Djambo Peter, Sue & Marc 40 1st
7 La giostra gira The carrousel turns Anita Traversi 19 7th
8 Des lendemains The tomorrows Georgia Gibson 33 2nd
9 Con un sorriso With a smile Marisa Frigerio 28 4th=

Peter, Sue & Marc had already represented Switzerland in 1971 , and took part in the Swiss Finals of 1973 (3rd=), 1974 (2nd) and 1975 (2nd).  Anita Traversi represented Switzerland in 1960 and 1964.   Henri Dès represented Switzerland in 1970.  At the Eurovision, Peter, Sue & Marc came 4th.