"All kinds of everything" - Dana

The Irish Final was held on March 1st at the RTE TV Studios in Dublin, hosted by Brendan O'Reilly. The winner was chosen by 10 regional juries. If you have any more of the voting results then please mail me:

1 Dá sheoilfainn an domhan If I travelled the world Anna McGoldrick


2 An Irish love An Irish love John McNally


3 Cé'n fáth ná graíonn tú mé


Pat & Jean


4 D'imigh an ghrian The world outside We 4


5 Things you hear about me Things you hear about me Maxi, Dick & Twink 2nd
6 All kinds of everything All kinds of everything Dana


7 No time like summertime No time like summertime Tony Kenny


8 She meant everything She meant everything Tony O'Leary


Dana previously came 2nd in the 1969 Irish Final. She went on to win the ESC.