"Judy min vän" - Tommy Körberg

The Swedish Final was held on March 1st in Stockholm, hosted by Pekka Langer. The winner was chosen by the votes of 11 regional juries. After the voting there was a tie for first place, so the jurors had to revote and Tommy Körberg won by 54 votes to 45.

1 Du ser mig inte You cannot see me Inger Öst 1 8th
2 Hej clown Hey clown Jan Malmsjö 31 1st=
3 Svenska flicka Swedish girl Ann-Louise Hanson 8 4th=
4 Judy min vän Judy my friend Tommy Körberg 31 1st=
5 Du ger mig lust att leva You give me the happiness to live Lena Hansson 3 7th
6 Du skänker mening åt mitt liv You give meaning to my life Ola Håkansson 0 9th=
7 L, som i älskar dig L, as in I love you Britt Bergström 0 9th=
8 Gång på gång Time after time Sten Nilsson 13 3rd
9 Härlig är vår jord Our earth is wonderful Anni-Fryd Lyngstad 8 4th=
10 Sommarflicka Summer girl Svante Thuresson 4 6th

Tommy Körberg came 9th equal at the Eurovision. Svante Thuresson represented Sweden in 1966.