All of the semi-finals were held at the Tivoli in Utrecht, hosted by Teddy Scholten. The winning songs were chosen by a jury of 15 people, although a different jury was used each evening.

Semi-Final 1 - January 31st

1 Over de horizon Over the horizon Helen Shepherd 2nd
2 Wereld The world Helen Shepherd 1st
3 Ver hier vandaan Far away from here Helen Shepherd 3rd

Semi-Final 2 - February 1st

1 Ergens in de west Somewhere in the west Piet Sybrandi 3rd
2 In een battledress In a battledress Piet Sybrandi 2nd
3 Ik heb je lief I love you Piet Sybrandi 1st

Semi-Final 3 - February 2nd

1 Dromen zijn bedrog Dreams are a swindle The Luckberries 1st
2 Mijn hart klopt alleen maar voor jou My heart only beats for you The Luckberries 2nd
3 Land der liefde Land of love The Luckberries 3rd

Semi-Final 4 - February 3rd

1 Nog wel bedankt Thanks again Bob Bouber 1st
2 Jouw eerste concert Your first concert Bob Bouber 2nd
3 Jij bent een raadsel You are a riddle Bob Bouber 3rd

Semi-Final 5 - February 4th

1 Fernando en Filippo Fernando and Filippo Milly Scott 1st
2 De onvoltooide symphonie The unfinished symphony Milly Scott 2nd
3 Graag of niet Willingly or not Milly Scott 3rd