"Come back to stay" - Dickie Rock

The Irish Final was held on January 22nd at the RTE TV Studios in Dublin, hosted by Brendan O'Reilly. The winning song was chosen by the votes of 10 regional juries.

1 There's no sense in being a fool Deirdre Wynne 4 5th=
2 Come back to stay Dickie Rock 20 1st
3 A sailor will sail The Ludlows 3 8th
4 I see your face Butch Moore 0 10th=
5 The menace from Ennis Sonny Knowles 0 10th=
6 Why don't you say it's so Deirdre Wynne 8 3rd
7 Can't make up my mind Dickie Rock 4 5th=
8 Why don't I believe in her Butch Moore 7 4th
9 Chuaigh mé suas don chluiche mór Sonny Knowles 0 10th=
10 The wind thro' the rafters The Ludlows 9 2nd
11 Oh why Dickie Rock 1 9th
12 Haven't you Deirdre Wynne 4 5th=

Dickie Rock came 4th equal at the Eurovision.  He had already taken part in the 1965 Irish Final. Butch Moore represented Ireland in the 1965 Eurovision.