"Bonne nuit, ma chérie" - Wyn Hoop

The German Final was held on February 6th at the Rhein-Main-Halle in Wiesbaden, hosted by Hilde Nocker & Werner Fullerer. The winning song was chosen by a jury of 45 people - 15 "experts" and 30 ordinary people, but only the top 3 placings are known.

1 Abitur der Liebe Graduation of love Angèle Durand & Rex Gildo


2 Alle Wunder dieser Welt All the miracles of the world Gerhard Wendland


3 Auf der Straße der Träume On the street of dreams Gitta Lind


4 Bonne nuit, ma chérie Goodnight, my darling Wyn Hoop


5 Das Herz einer Frau A woman's heart Gerd Ströhl


6 Ein Picasso in der Liebe A Picasso of love Rainer Bertram


7 Ich hab' ein Hobby I have a hobby Ingrid Werner


8 Oh, little Joe Oh, little Joe The Charming Boys


9 Oh, wie schön Oh, how beautiful Tony Sandler


10 Wir wollen niemals auseinander geh'n We will never part Heidi Brühl


Wyn Hoop came equal 4th at the ESC.