"Aurinko laskee länteen" - Viktor Klimenko

The Finnish Final was held on February 13th at the YLE TV Studios in Helsinki, hosted by Antti Einiö & Marion Rung. The 6 songs qualified through a semi-final with 10 songs - click here for details: FINNISH SEMI-FINALS 1965 The songs were voted on by 10 regional juries, however an "expert" jury decided that "Aurinko laskee länteen" was their favourite, and it was decided to go with the result of the "expert" jury rather than the regional juries.

1 Iltaisin In the evening Marjatta Leppänen 210 1st
2 Tahdon saaren I want an island Eero & Jussi 84 6th
3 Lapin taikarummut The magic drums of Lapland Ritva Mustonen 93 5th
4 Aurinko laskee länteen The sun sets in the west Viktor Klimenko 195 2nd
5 Minne tuuli kuljettaa Where will the wind lead Katri Helena 186 3rd
6 Mon amie, mon amour My friend, my love Kai Lind 133 4th

Viktor Klimenko came 15th equal at the Eurovision.