"Angelique" - Dario Campeotto

The Danish Final was held on February 19th at the Frederecia Theater, hosted by Sejr Volmer-Sørensen. The winning song was chosen by a jury of 10 people who could award 1 point to 3 of the songs.

1 Min guitar og jeg My guitar and I Pedro Biker 6 3rd
2 Hamlet Hamlet Katy Bødtger 0 5th=
3 Vi lever kun en enkelt gang We only live once Gustav Winckler 0 5th=
4 Jetpilot Jet pilot Birthe Wilke 7 2nd
5 Godnat lille du Good night my little one Otto Brandenburg 3 4th
6 Hjemme hos os At our house Raquel Rastenni & Grethe Sønck 0 5th=
7 Angelique Angelique Dario Campeotto 14 1st

Dario Campeotto came 5th equal at the Eurovision. The singers who represented Denmark on its 4 previous entries to the Eurovision all took part in this final - Birthe Wilke (1957 & 1959), Gustav Winckler (1957), Raquel Rastenni (1958) and Katy Bødtger (1960).