"Ik heb zorgen" - Louis Neefs

The Belgian Final was held at The Amerikaans Theater in Brussels on February 25th, hosted by Jan Theys. There were 9 semi-finals before the final, and in each semi-final the three top placed songs went forward to the next semi-final, and to qualify for the final you had to "survive" 3 semi-finals. The participants in the semi-finals who did not qualify for the final were Johnny White, Jimmy Frey, Marva & Hugo Dellas - if you have details of the semi-finals then please mail me: 8 songs were selected for the final, but as two of them were by Louis Neefs, he decided to ditch "Zij was zo mooi" (She was so pretty) so as not to split the vote between his 2 songs.

1 De ranke roos The slender rose Ronny Temmer 1 3rd
2 De wind The wind Kalinka 0 4th=
3 Die eerste kus That first kiss Rita Deneve 0 4th=
4 Een strand vol eenzaamheid A beach full of loneliness Kalinka 0 4th=
5 Ik heb zorgen I've got worries Louis Neefs 11 1st
6 Verlangen Desire Anneke Soetaert 3 2nd
7 Want ik hield van jou Because I loved you Chris Wijnen 0 4th=

Louis Neefs came 7th at the Eurovision.