"Je ne sais quoi" - Hera Björk

The Icelandic Final was held on February 6th at the RUV TV Studios in Reykjavik, hosted by Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir & Eva María Jónsdóttir. Before the final there were 3 semi-finals - click here for details: ICELANDIC SEMI-FINALS 2010 The winner was chosen by televoting.

1 The one The one Íris Hólm


2 Out of sight Out of sight Matthías Matthíasson


3 Gleði og glens Happiness and fun Hvanndalsbræður


4 One more day One more day Jógvan Hansen


5 Waterslide Waterslide Sigurjón Brink


6 Je ne sais quoi I don't know what Hera Björk


Hera Björk was previously a backing singer for Iceland in ESC 2008 & 2009. She also took part in the 2007 Icelandic Semi-Finals and came 2nd in the 2009 Danish Final. At the ESC she was 19th. Amongst her backing singers was Kristján Gíslason who represented Iceland in ESC 2001. Amongst the backing singers for Sigurjón Brink were Gunnar Ólason who also represented Iceland in ESC 2001, Vignir Snær Vigfússon who was part of the backing group for Iceland in ESC 2003 & Benedikt Brynleifsson who was in the backing group for Iceland in ESC 2007.